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Medies S2

Dr Darren Green hosts kykNET & Kie weekly medical talk show Medies on DStv

Mondays at 21:30 on kykNET & Kie (DStv channel 145)

Dr, Darren Green invites medical specialists, as well as celebrities or people who have transformational stories to tell, onto his talk show. They answer important questions on hot topics, while in-studio fitness expert Ewan Strydom shares his tips, and food consultant Heleen Meyer drops by each month with healthy eating help.

Video Highlights

Video 02 September 2021
Voorskou: 6 September 2021 - Tussen Ons Medies
Video 23 August 2021
Voorskou: 23 Augustus 2021 - Tussen Ons Medies
Video 04 June 2021
Voorskou: 7 Junie 2021 - Tussen Ons Medies