Will He Say Yes?

“She’s ready to put a ring on it!”

Saturdays on HONEY (DStv channel 173)

Everyone loves a romantic proposal where the setting is perfect, the mood just right and love is in their air. But what happens when we flip the script and let women propose to their boyfriends? It’s an unconventional approach guaranteed to raise eyebrows in many societies.

After waiting too long for their partners to propose, these women are ready to take the bull by the horns and ask for their boyfriend’s hand in marriage. South Africa’s Pamela Mtanga and Karabo Nsthweng, both popular TV and radio personalities with massive online audiences, are the hosts.

On Will He Say Yes? airing every Monday at WAT 17:30 | CAT 18:30 | EAT 19:30 (DStv channel 173), each woman gets the opportunity to plan an authentic proposal, with the advice and guidance of the two celebrity hosts. Each proposal is a surprise, with the women sitting down with the planning team to make the moment as heart-warming and memorable as possible. But first the team must create a scenario to lure the potential groom-to-be to the location and convince him to stay long enough for the woman to ask the big question. The bigger question is, will he say yes? 

The show repeats every Sunday at WAT 21:30 | CAT 22:30 | EAT 23:30.