Wawu, That’s my dress: Kenya

Kenya’s brides are on a mission to find the perfect dress.

Tuesdays at WAT 15:00 | CAT 16:00 | EAT 17:00 (DStv channel 173)
About the Show

About the Show

There is nothing more important than finding the perfect dress once the love of your life has popped the question. Faced with a bunch of beautiful options, we sometimes need a bit of help to nudge us in the right direction. Where better to do it than in a beautiful bridal boutique?

On Wawu, That’s My Dress: Kenya, airing every Tuesday at WAT 15:00 | CAT 16:00 | EAT 17:00 (DStv channel 173), a Kenyan boutique is where Amina Abdi Rabar helps brides look for their dream wedding dresses. We follow the bustling activity at this boutique as brides strive to make their dreams for the big day a reality. With the help of Amina, a stylist and some of the bride’s loved ones, we learn about her personal taste and her expectations of her wedding day. As each bride walks out of the dressing room, her loved ones get to vote on whether the dress is ‘wawu’ or not, in the hopes of helping her make the best decision she can.

The show repeats every Saturday at WAT 17:00 | CAT 18:00 | EAT 19:00.

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