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Pop ’til you drop with Dr. Pimple Popper Season 4

Dr. Sandra Lee meets new patients and treats a condition she’s never seen before in Dr. Pimple Popper Season 4.

Fridays on TLC (DStv Channel 135) at 20:00
Behind the Screen

Popping questions with Dr. Sandra Lee

15 March 2022

Dr. Sandra Lee chats about acne, her dream text book, and delicious food comparisons for cysts, and the Dr. Pimple Popper social empire

About the Show

Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee is known to fans on social media as Dr. Pimple Popper. They’re addicted to watching her perform extractions of cysts, blackheads and pimples. But there’s so much more to her work and her patients’ lives. In her 4th season, Dr. Lee dons her splash guard and prepares to treat a new batch of patients with her trademark humour and compassion. Along the way she will encounter a condition she’s never seen or treated before – Puffy head cylindroma.

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Episode guide

Episode 1: Looking for Love in Lumpy Places

Gabriel has a huge growth on his clavicle but is terrified of surgery. Karen has dealt with painful, scaly feet for 22 years with no diagnosis. Lorne has embarrassing tumours on his face and body and believes this is why he hasn't met "The One" yet.

Episode 2: The Incredible Bulk

Ruben is a personal trainer whose head growth has prevented him from seeing clients. Kaitlin has blue marks and scars up and down her arms due to long-term drug use. Adrian was left with a disfiguring bump on her behind after falling down stairs.

Episode 3: Raw Meat Mess

Margarita is a matriarch who has been hiding her armpit lump from her family. Kayla is an aspiring musician with a promising career that her painful eczema has brought to a halt. Bradley has a concerning growth that looks like raw meat on his leg.

Episode 4: The Never Ending Keloids

Jeremy is a pastor with a hanging growth in an embarrassing location. Evelyn has recurring keloids that have been removed three times and come back bigger each time. Todd has a bump protruding from his forehead that is painful and humiliating.

Episode 5: Cyst Pits

Tameru is a drag queen, but he has myriad cysts that are the real drag. Devon has uneven skin she thinks may be the result of a hysterectomy a decade ago. Amy has large growths all over her head that make her look like a "hot mess."

Episode 6: Hard Knot Life

Jason has lost confidence and motivation due to the large growth on his neck. Shawnell has multiple mystery bumps on her head that have destroyed her self-esteem. Jim has a growth protruding off of his nose, making it hard to breathe.

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