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Too many docs on the mortuary block in Coroner Season 4?

Dr. Jenny Cooper butts heads with a new body in the morgue, Dr. Elijah Thompson, in Coroner Season 4

Thursdays on Universal TV (DStv Channel 117) at 20:00

About the Show

This season, Toronto-based coroner Dr. Jenny Cooper (Serinda Swan) is taking a break thanks to her love Liam’s death. She’s directing her grief and energy into gardening while she also tries to deal with the return of her estranged mother, Peggy (Jennifer Dale). Meanwhile, Detective Donovan McAvoy (Roger Cross) is determined to prove that he’s fit for active service, but his stubbornness creates a rift between himself and his partner, Malik Abed (Andy McQueen). Jenny’s son, Ross (Ehren Kassam), takes a shine to her assistant, Alphonse (Shawn Ahmed), and feathers are ruffled in the coroner’s office by the arrival of Dr. Elijah Thompson (Thom Allison).

Behind the Screen

On the slab with Coroner Season 4

10 March 2022

Coroner Season 4 executive producer and showrunner Adriana Maggs cuts into the season to show us what’s up

Who’s Who

Elijah “Eli” Thompson (Thom Allison)

This spicy, accomplished, hard-liner of a coroner believes that he has a thing or 2 to teach Jenny about detachment and professionalism. Eli claims to be methodical, deliberate and he is convinced that he leaves all emotion out of his work, which is to speak for the dead. He also has a sardonic wit that can alienate the people around him.

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