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SpongeBob goes local

Kids 02 December 2022

Bikini Bottom goes local with SpongeBob SquarePants: isiZulu on NickToons this December.

SpongeBob goes local
News 04 November 2022
A hero is born

Let your little ones join MK as he becomes the superhero that this generation needs.

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Kids 20 October 2022
Go over the moon with Moonbug

MultiChoice launches a dedicated 24/7 children’s channel on DStv.

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Kids 20 October 2022
Kooky, Spooky Kids’ Halloween on DStv

All treats, no tricks for kids and parents this spooky season on DStv, with Disney zombies, Lego maniacs, Shrek scary stories and more

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Kids 01 September 2022
September’s Space-Time adventures for Kids on DStv

Purple woolly mammoths, space cats, ninjas and psychics – seeing is believing this September for DStv Kids.

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Kids 19 August 2022
Let the hunt begin

Craig and his clique explore uncharted territories and get to the heart of the mysterious cube.

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Kids 17 August 2022
Team Sayari takes over Africa

National Geographic Wild to air nature and tech-infused kids show based in Kenya

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Kids 02 August 2022
August Adventures for Kids on DStv

August gets an A+ for adventures for Kids on DStv. From exploring the backyard to exploring the universe, it’s come-along fun!

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Kids 04 July 2022
Your kids are Climate Champs!

Get those green fingers clicking to clean up Grubby Shores – an exciting addition to Island Adventures from Cartoon Network and DStv

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Highlights 01 July 2022
Best quests for Kids on DStv this July

Barbarian fantasy puppet quests, Viking school, a farm in the city, and singing babies? Just a normal day for Kids on DStv!

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Kids 20 June 2022
Kids Open Window from 27 June - 15 July

Winter school holidays are around the corner and DStv has got the kids covered

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Kids 03 June 2022
Alice’s Wonderland Bakery

Where there's a whisk, there's a way

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Kids 30 May 2022
Holiday destinations for Kids on DStv

Send your kids on an imagination vacation! Destinations include Atlantis, Wonderland, dragon filled Huttsgalor, the planet Bhilka, or they can even take a time trip!

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