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Saving the planet

International 11 November 2022

Get to know activists, who are out to repair the planet.

Saving the planet
International 06 September 2022
It’s Camp, it’s Kitch, it’s just 5.99 in 10 easy payments

Comedy series I Love That For You takes us inside America’s bizarre “As Seen On TV” home shopping world

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International 02 September 2022
Ewww TV

The surprising appeal of Gross TV: why we watch, and the horrors we’ve seen!

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International 01 September 2022
Get on the plus side

Prepare to stream captivating local and international content on Universal+

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International 30 August 2022
10 days of non-stop action

M-Net Movies celebrates 60 Years of the web-slinging hero, with an impressive Spider-Man pop-up channel.

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International 25 August 2022
The telenovela tension test

A set of twins are accused of murder; the other set are rivals in love. Can your heart take it?

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International 19 August 2022
The mother of all problems

So what happens when you find yourself in a love triangle with your boyfriend’s mother, cut the cord?

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International 27 July 2022
Here We Go

Does Here We Go hold up a mirror to sosatie? Are these beans-on-toast Brits South Africans in disguise?

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International 27 July 2022
Demo & Reno your ideas about HGTV

All lookalike couples and lookalike designs? Nope, there’s so much more to see on HGTV, on DStv

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International 07 July 2022
Love & hisses

Snakes In The City Season 8: Mbali Mtshali’s wild journey from snake hater to snake saviour

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Highlights 03 March 2022
Explora and Internet, better together

Connect your Explora to the internet to enjoy ALL the entertainment DStv has to offer

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International 03 June 2022
Trial by “liar”

TLC brings the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial to DStv

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International 01 June 2022
So Wrong it’s right!

Cruise ship catastrophes, holidays in hell, disaster diets and plastic surgery catastrophes – it’s the ultimate snackable TV

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