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Yes! Ndio! Beeni!: Zambia

Wedding proposals as you have never seen before.

Tuesdays at WAT 18:00 | CAT 19:00 | EAT 20:00

Memorable wedding proposals are the bedrock of starting married life off right. What happens when a man enlists the help of two popular Zambian celebrities to design the perfect proposal for the love of his life?

On Yes! Ndio! Beeni!: Zambia, airing every Tuesday at WAT 18:00 | CAT 19:00 | EAT 20:00, Rose Sibisi and Tintin help a man propose to the love of his life. In each episode they sit down with the lucky man to find out a little bit more about his relationship dynamics. Based on that information, Rose and Tintin devise a plan for an authentic marriage proposal that will hopefully surprise and excite the bride-to-be.

We follow all the highs and lows as the team organize a proposal that is unique and authentic to the history of the couple. A lot is at stake as Rose and Tintin soon realize that no proposal is ever as easy as it seems. From drama around the ring, to a future groom not knowing basic information about his partner, it seems like securing the ‘yes’ might be trickier than they expected. Expect joy, tears, excitement and a little bit of drama.

Yes! Ndio! Beeni!

10 February 2021

There comes a time when a man must bite the bullet and ask the love of his life to marry him.
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