Uganda customer notice on upgrading systems for clarity

We care about you and our commitment to you to continuously improve our service. As such, we will be upgrading our customer service platforms from 8 – 10 October, 2017.

During this upgrade, certain services such as the processing of payments will be affected. We therefore advise you to settle your account before 7 October to avoid any interruption to your viewing.

Between 8 and 10 October, we will only be able to process payments at the following vendors:

  1. Pegasus
  2. MTN Mobile
  3. WTL (Airtel-Warrid)
  4. African Vending Systems (AVS) Payway
  5. Ezee Money
  6. Bankom Interswitch
  7. Standard
  8. Bank of Africa
  9. Centenary Bank Uganda (CBU)
  10. Msente
  11. Standard Chartered Bank
  12. Pesapal
  13. Craftsilicon
  14. DFCU

During this time, our agencies and branches will be operational. They will, however, only be able to provide the following services:

  • Creating new customers
  • Reconnections
  • Clearing Error Codes


Only certain payment points will be available to process payments during the system upgrade, we therefore encourage our customers to make payment by 7 October to enjoy uninterrupted service.

Managing your account

  • We are currently unable to provide you with a balance, statement or account information.
  • We are currently unable to perform the following requests; upgrade or downgrades, new Xtraview activations, adding additional packages or suspension of existing packages.
  • We recommend that you submit these requests to us before 7 October 2017


Box Office rentals will still be available using available funds in your BoxOffice account. Please top up your BoxOffice account by 7 October as you will not be able to top up your Box Office account during the upgrade from 8 to 10 October.

New BoxOffice registrations will not be available during the same period.


FAQs about specific services


Payments and managing your account

Service centres and touch points


I made a payment at a Payment Vendor. Will you be able to process that payment against my account?

Only certain payment points will be available during the upgrade (please see list of available payment points below). We therefore encourage customers to make payments by 7 October.


Our customer service agents will be able to reconnect you based on a proof of payment.


Payment points:

Pegasus, MTN Mobile, WTL (Airtel-Warrid), African Vending Systems (AVS) Payway, Ezee Money, Bankom Interswitch, Standard Bank of Africa, Centenary Bank Uganda (CBU), Msente, Standard Chartered Bank, Pesapal, Craftsilicon, DFCU


Will your branches be open?

Our MultiChoice branches around the country will be open. However, we won’t be able to process any payments.

Can I still rent BoxOffice movies?

You can still rent movies but will need to top up your BoxOffice account by 7 October or use your funds in your BoxOffice account, if it is pre-funded.

I’d like to get the balance on my account…

We are unable to give you a balance on your account as we’re currently updating our customer services platform. You can check your balance on Self Service on from 11 October onwards, when our system is back online.

Will your agencies be open?

Our agencies will be open during this time – these are the MultiChoice Service Centres inside shopping centres and in smaller towns that are independently owned.

Can I load more funds onto my BoxOffice wallet?

You won’t be able to load more funds onto your wallet at this time. Apologies for the inconvenience.

I need to change my package / disconnect my service…

We are unable to process your request as we’re currently updating customer services platform.

Can I log on to Self Service?


These services will not be available during this time. Please try again from 11 October onwards.


I need to update my account details…

We are unable to process your request as we’re currently updating our customer services platform