MultiChoice Uganda celebrates Africa Day

The 25 May is celebrated continentally as Africa Day, commemorating the founding of the Organisation of African Union, which was pioneered in 1963 with the aim of celebrating unity among Africans by bringing the continent together.

MultiChoice is a video entertainment company that serves over 48 countries on the continent. It's contribution to the continent through its platforms is in the form of promoting local content through talent and innovation spanning from fashion, movies, series, music all based in Africa.

MultiChoice celebrated the day in sheer style, hosting government officials, customers, fashionistas, socialites, media to a fashion extravaganza at Serena Hotel. The chairman of MultiChoice Uganda Steven Musoke stated: "We believe fashion transcends culture, time and geographies. What we wear defines us as well as our societies especially in Africa. Some anthropologists in fact refer to clothes as ‘the social skin’ and through our channels, we have continually exposed our views to our rich cultural heritage; entertaining, inspiring and education our customers."

Guests were treated to a fusion of fashion and culture including showcasing African cultural dances, African music, poetry, and the epic showdown of African fashion from designers Latif, Brenda Maraka, Vanessa Ikwang, Anita Beryl, Rafael Kasule, Emma Baganawa and Olivia Nanfuka.

The Ministry of Tourism’s Maria Mutagambwa expounded, "African culture binds us as one in its diversity. To celebrate Africa is to celebrate every individual that adds individuality to our continent. Since Africa is a blessed continent, our traditions and ways may appear bizarre to other continents. Promotions such as the MultiChoice Africa Day celebrations give insight, knowledge and understanding to what Africa is all about."

The theme - fashion meets culture - was true telling of all the aspects that make us proudly African. Crane performers provided a plethora of African cultural dances at different intervals of the night with the culmination coming from Maddox who made a standout performance with his popular Namagembe much to the excitement of the crowd.

A great geographer, George Kimble, said, “The darkest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it.” MultiChoice reminded us that all things African is the future of world trends and that as a company the vast contribution they have made to the film and television industry in the continent is one of the reasons they are one of the most respected African brands on the continent.