Mariam wa Migomba akistarehe zake kwenye Mchikicho wa Pwani.

Ladies and gents, let's start this new year on a good note. We have decided to eat less junk, workout more, spend more time with family and perhaps put that down payment on a house all in the name of New Year’s resolutions. This is all well and great but it only deals with the external things. What are we planning to do to improve our inner selves? Maisha Magic Bongo has a plan for you.

Wise lady Mariam wa Migomba tries to help us fix the inside while we work on the outside - and unlike your aunty, she has no agenda other than letting you know how to run your household and get your life on track on Mchikicho wa Pwani.

Still not motivated enough? They say that when you educate a woman, you’ve educated the whole society and Mariam wa Migomba is educating the entire family, touching every aspect of a family life, especially the woman who happens to be the role model and is the pillar of moral values and family ethics to the society.

Mariam wa Migomba tackles topics like domestic violence, selfishness, good manners and customs of women in a fun and creative way. There is no taboo when Mariam lays it down.

Join us for some fun on Mchikicho wa Pwani every Wednesday at 19:00 EAT on Maisha Magic Bongo (160) . When the fun is this good, you can pause, rewind and even record for later on your DStv Explora. Fill out the form to get your Explora online:


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