Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur

DStv is offering a sports bonanza to customers this season! For simply paying their monthly subscriptions before their due date, DStv Compact Plus, Compact, Family and Access customers will receive ONE WEEK (7 days) of extra sports channels at no additional cost. This exciting campaign, which is in line with MultiChoice’s purpose of enriching lives, aims at reducing disconnections across various DStv packages and also creates an incentive for customers to upgrade or stay connected to higher tier DStv packages.

All DStv Compact or DStv Compact+ subscribers who pay on time will view all Sport channels available on DStv Premium for a week, three days after the payment has been effected. DStv Access or DStv Family subscribers who pay on time will view all sports channels available to DStv Compact for a week, three days after the payment has been effected.

Phoebe Nakabazzi, DStv Marketing Manager said: "We are trying to inculcate a habit for our customers to pay in time and never be disconnected. Further to that this is our way of exposing our subscribers to exceptional content that is on our higher tier packages. We believe once they are exposed to these channels they will realise the action they have been missing and hence upgrade accordingly."

DStv Family and Access customers will enjoy the best of European football titles with all the Premier League action on SS3 (203) along with La Liga on SS7 (207) for Access customers. DStv Compact+ and Compact customers will enjoy every moment of the world’s greatest sports including the UEFA Champions League action as well as the PGA Golf tour, Motorsport, Rugby tournaments, MotorGP and a wide variety of sports disciplines available live and in HD on the Premium package.

Nakabazzi added: "The move is part of the company’s strategy to deliver more value to its customers as well as incentivising customers for the support towards our service. Given the exciting sports season we are in, there is every reason for subscribers to embrace this campaign and pay on time. The week of sports bliss will be worth it."

The offer runs from 26 October 2017 to 31 December 2017. The offer is valid to all active DStv customers on the DStv Access, Family, Compact or Compact+ packages who have paid their subscriptions on time.