Reyka Episode 6

News 15 February 2024

On M-Net Channel 101 at 20:00 on 15 February 2024

Reyka Episode 6

Last week: Reyka continued his hunt for Speelman and the Lover’s Lane killer, Speelman delved deeper in his search for Gabriel and a way back to Scotland and Ayanda was forced to deal with the fallout of Zwelethu posting a compromising video of them, online.

This week: Speelman takes to the harbour underworld as he continues his dual missions. Is there a connection between the robbery at the cobbler’s shop and the Lover’s Lane murders? Thuli’s struggles at school reach a crisis point and, acting on a tip-off, Reyka arrests a suspect at Lover’s Lane.

Watch out for: Reyka being forced to confront her history when an enforced visit to a psychologist played by Deon Lotz, fills her with rage and fear.

Did you know?: This season features over 150 actors with speaking roles – many of which play pivotal roles in the story. It took two casting associates, a casting director and a casting company months to fill them all with excellent actors who could lend their magic to the series. Some of this season’s more prominent cameos feature some of South Africa’s greatest actors – as viewers will see in this episode.

Location to look out for: The location used for the cobbler shop scenes was actually in Krugersdorp – and is one of the last authentic and original such shops in South Africa. The production team didn’t have to bring in any set dressing because the location was so authentic.

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