The cast of Kona TV show

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There isn’t a better tale than a love story intertwined in class wars, betrayal, greed, power, rivalry and sometimes even violence. Luckily for everyone who fancies such romance with a twist, Maisha Magic East serves you the best soapies.

1. Kona

As an award-winning telenovela, Kona takes you deep into the life of the Oyanges, a bereaved family that must fight for survival after the death of the patriarch. The eldest daughter (played by Nini Wacera) tries to run her inheritance – a boxing gym – in a male dominated and brutal profession. Tune in Monday to Friday at 18:30.



2. Isibaya

Isibaya, as one of the best soapies to ever come out of South Africa, is set on the backdrop of the taxi industry where a young and beautiful love is threatened by a century old feud beween two powerful families. Love is always too complicated in soap operas, but that is what makes them even more interesting. If you ever liked the good old Generations or even Isidingo, Isibaya is the show to watch, Monday to Thursday at 19:00.



3. Hotel Majestic

Coming directly from Nollywood, Hotel Majestic focuses on the Emeni family who will fight with everything they’ve got to keep their family business Hotel Majestic that has been in their family for decades. There is a lot of greed and power play from outside and from within as everyone fights for control. But in the middle of it all, there is a blossoming love story. Expect well-known Nollywood veterans like Sadiq Daba and beloved actresses like Oge Okoyo. Tune in to this Nigerian telenovela from Monday to Wednesday at 21:30.



4. The Colour of Passion

Coming right from the telenovela-rich country of Mexico, The Colour of Passion tells the story of two people from different worlds brought together by hatred and revenge. Marcelo seeks revenge from the family that killed his brother and meets Lucia (a member of that same feeling), a woman who’s sworn to hate all men after being jilted at the altar. How these two will fall in love, is for you to tune in from Monday to Wednesday at 22:00 and find out.


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