Barcelona's forward Cristiano Ronaldo

With Neymar, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo nominated for Ballon D'Or, who should win Fifa's top prize?

The three-man shortlist for Ballon D'Or 2015 recently announced by Fifa saw yet again another Lionel Messi-Cristiano Ronaldo face-off for the football top prize. Joining these regulars in the elite list, for the first time, is Barcelona's Neymar, completing the La Liga trifecta.

To see why Messi and Neymar deserved this top prize nomination, catch La Liga on SuperSport as Barcelona plays Valencia on Saturday 5 December at 21:30.

Your World of Champions also brings you Cristiano Ronaldo's Real Madrid as they battle Getafe on Saturday 5 December at 17:00.

As you wait for the winner of Ballon D'Or 2015 to be announced in January 2016 in Zurich, it is time to pledge your fan loyalty and choose the player who is likely to win. Voting opens now.