The cast of Devious Maids

We feature the Ladies Collection on DStv Catch Up this August.

Roll call as we count all the divas in the house.

Yes, I mean the independent women who work a nine to five job, own their businesses or are busy raising the kids and running the households. No time to get your entertainment served hot on DStv? Don't worry because DStv Catch Up has it handled! Did you know that once a show airs, it goes on the DStv Catch Up list and stays there for almost three weeks online and on your DStv Explora as long as you are on DStv Premium? Yep, you can never miss a show. 

It gets even better because it is time to keep up with your favourite leading ladies as we feature the Ladies Collection on DStv Catch Up this August.

Here is what is on offer:

There are so many series with fascinating leading ladies like Revenge, served cold by the beguiling Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke (Emily Van Camp), and Devious Maids who will teach you a thing or two about the Spanish language and how to get a home perfectly clean. They may be maids, but they wield a lot of power.


As far as movies are concerned, fashionistas can entertain themselves with House of Versace, a chronicle of Donatella Versace's triumph over tragedy as she decided to carry on her brother's powerful legacy after his 1997 slaying. You can wear the label but also try to know the history behind it.

If you are more of the action femme fatale type, then Colombiana will appeal more to you. Catch Up with Zoe Saldana as she plays a cold-blooded assassin avenging her parents who died when she was a child. That’s all we are going to spill. Head on over to DStv Now and catch up with the sassy Saldana.



Still on leading ladies to Catch Up with, we've loved Meryl Streep through the years and doted on Julia Roberts since we first saw her in Pretty Woman. Get to see these two talented actresses team up in August: Osage County, a movie that will give you a wake up call on the importance of family and the need to stay together.

Do you want to learn how to get your groove back? Allow the ageless Stella (Angela Basset) to coach you as she learns to enjoy life after falling in love with a younger man, Winston Shakespear (played by Taye Diggs). Bassett has blossomed over the years but we are still nostalgic about that '90s rom-com How Stella Got Her Groove Back.


Scarlet Johansson is a leading lady in her own league. Add Penelope Cruz and Rebecca Hall to this list, and you've got Vicky Cristina Barcelona, a love quadrangle so intertwined yet so engaging (a little messy too), it would be a big mistake not to catch up with this movie. Javier Bardem sure has his way with the ladies.


We are not done yet. There are also many shows available on Catch Up like the singing competition The Voice where celebrity judge Christina Aguilera holds her own against the boys. Yes, she is tough and she can fight her own battles.

For those of us that like to keep it real, there is actuality for you. For the self-titled world chefs, there are recipes to be learnt on MasterChef.

Still more on what ladies love best, are you curious about how rich kids live? Curiosity killed the cat but this one will be so worth it as Rich Kids of Beverly Hills is all about the pampered kids of millionaires in Hollywood. If lounging on a yatch, sipping on champagne with names we can't pronounce and eating golden caviar appeals to you, go no further as this is the show for you.

Can someone say amen, the Preacher’s Daughters are in the house. Nine preachers’ daughters leave their homes to pursue missionary work in Mexico. But with their newfound freedom, will the preachers’ daughters remain on their best behaviour? Catch Up with their Mexican escapades and even a trip to Cabo.

Now that you know how to Catch Up like a diva, head on to DStv Now for all types on exciting programming, of course, at your own timing. We would suggest you do it right now before your girlfriends get at you with the spoilers! And you know how we hate those!