Agent X, Masterchef, Good Wife in 2016

Zoo, Shades of Blue, The Player

New is always better unless of course it comes to a good scotch or perhaps a good bottle of wine. It’s so easy to deviate to decadence when you are a passionate foodie - I digress.

Back to the must-see shows you have been waiting to see back on the screen. This January, DStv has prepared a viewing feast fit only for a king. Why watch old seasons while there is new and exclusive content here already?

Agent X

Sharon Stone has had many roles but never as the vice president of the United States working with an anonymous, highly trained operative to save lives at all costs. It’s a side operation that even the president knows nothing about. A little sneaky but who doesn’t like covert affairs, more so now that Sharon Stone is in it. Tune in to Agent X every Monday at 20:30 CAT on M-Net (102).

Shades of Blue

Just when we thought female detectives couldn’t get any hotter on TV, Jennifer Lopez comes along as Harlee Santos, an FBI agent in an anti-corruption unit entrenched by corrupt agent. Ready to see beloved J-Lo strap the glock and lock up some bad guys, tune in to Shades of Blue every Wednesday at 20:30 CAT on M-Net (102).

The Player

If you remember Blade then you’ll understand why The Player is a must watch not because it has any swords or vampires in it but because Wesley Snipes is in it. In The Player, Snipes is the mysterious Pit Boss who recruits a former agent to stop different crimes as the rich bet on his chances of success. If you want to see how this gamble plays out, catch The Player every Tuesday at 20:00 CAT on M-Net Edge (113).  


The world has new dominant species and they are very organised and extremely lethal. But what will blow your mind is where the first attacks take place. It’s closer to home that you think. Catch up with Zoo every Friday at 20:30 CAT on M-Net (102).

Masterchef Australia S7

There isn’t a better time to relish some of the greatest meals from some of the most talented chefs. Learn the fine culinary arts of what we like to call food couture. Get intouch with that inner foodie and relish in the seventh season of Masterchef Australia every Tuesday at 18:30 CAT on M-Net (102).  

The Good Wife S7

The dutiful good wife Alicia Florrick is back every Saturday at 20:00 CAT on M-Net (102). For those who will miss Kalinda, wipe off those tears and settle in to the new season because there is more at stake than ever before. Alicia has chosen the worst time to cry over Will because Peter is running for president and he’ll need as much support from his "good wife" as he can get.

Keep it DStv for all the latest in movies, series and animations. Let’s enjoy this 2016 ride together.