MultiChoice Nigeria has contributed significantly in concrete financial terms, to the Nigerian economy over the past 20 years.

MultiChoice Nigeria has contributed significantly in concrete financial terms, to the Nigerian economy over the past 20 years. The company has invested more than N50 billion both directly and indirectly to the Nigerian economy over the years. 

MultiChoice Nigeria was one of the first companies to show confidence in the Nigeria market in 1994. It has invested heavily in the country and its people. This commitment is demonstrated by the fact that the company existed in the Nigerian market for more than 10 years before the business started to make any real returns. A huge amount of funds have been ploughed back into the market and the Nigerian economy as a whole. Today MultiChoice Nigeria remains committed to the country, to the industry and to the economy. 

A huge investment has also been made in the area of new products, improved services, new payment systems, new premises and new technologies. Wherever possible, MultiChoice Nigeria opts to buy the property in question rather than lease it.

Over ₦80 million (US $ 625 000) was invested in building the Lagos up-link, to enable the carriage of the national free-to air channels. On a continuous basis, up to ₦88 million is spent every year on satellite transponder capacity for the continuing carriage of these free-to-air channels. An additional ₦104 million is spent annually for backhaul of these channels to the company’s facilities in Guadalajara, Spain at no cost to the channel providers.

The Eutelsat satellite was commissioned at a cost of ₦1.3 billion (US $ 10 million) for the provision of the KU-Band transmission service, having a spot-beam with Nigeria at its epicenter.

Together with other partners, MultiChoice continually seeks new investments in the region of ₦3 billion into new technologies that will boost the services on offer, and provide for new services such as mobile television (DVB-H). 

Many efforts are aimed at establishing Nigeria as a broadcasting hub, and making Nigeria one of the first countries in Africa to launch mobile TV (DVB-H) services. Through the simultaneous launch of digital terrestrial television, (DVB-T) MultiChoice Nigeria may enable the carriage of State broadcasters in their areas and States where these services are launched, accelerating the country’s digital migration efforts.

The launch of new technologies will also contribute to the efforts of the government to create quality employment in the engineering and technical fields, not to mention spearheading technological innovations; and will also contribute to the efficient use of frequencies – a feat which will free up frequencies for use by other players in the market.

On the Corporate Social Investment (CSI) front, MultiChoice Nigeria has to date invested more than ₦80 million in the commissioning and rollout of MultiChoice Resource Centres alone. MultiChoice Nigeria has over 300 Resource Centers in 29 States across the country. The company is tax compliant and pays about 10 different taxes to government in order to operate successfully in Nigeria. As a result, the company has met its obligations to the government and has paid more than ₦3.2 billion (US$25 million) in taxes since 1999.

To effectively serve its customers, MultiChoice Nigeria has in place an existing network of well trained and accredited installers who assist in the installation of DStv and GOtv hardware. The DStv hardware includes the parabolic antenna (DStv dish), the digital satellite decoder (DSD) and the smart card. The MultiChoice
accredited installers’ network cuts across the major geo-political zones of the country. MultiChoice’s accredited installers are independent contractors, trained to provide efficient, courteous and satisfactory service to subscribers, who also provide both direct and indirect employment to numerous Nigerians.
MultiChoice Nigeria constantly reviews its installer and retail infrastructure, with the aim of empowering more local entrepreneurs.