DStv brings you more reasons to stay in this festive season

News 24 December 2021

DStv brings you more reasons to stay in this festive season

The best way to chill out this holiday season is to chill in. Skip the overcrowded malls and restaurants, save some cash, and settle in to watch some showstopping entertainment on DStv.

This December, DStv has pulled out all the stops to bring you the best of the best. From reality TV to mystery and a ton of laughs, get ready to firmly plant yourself in front of the TV for some well-deserved R&R.

Here’s what you can look forward to this December on DStv.


A clean home is a must to keep your family healthy and your mind uncluttered – but some take it a little too far. When cleaning becomes an addiction and the only thing you think about 24/7, no dust, grime, or hazardous particles stand a chance! From hazmat suits to saunas, these germaphobes take extreme precautions to keep their homes in tip-top shape. Watch the insane lengths they go to on Friday, 17 December at 22:00 CAT on TLC, DStv Channel 135.

Shakespeare & Hathaway -Private Investigators

Solving whodunnits doesn’t always have to be a serious affair. That’s not to say that detective-duo Luella Shakespeare and Frank Hathaway don’t take the job seriously; they just go about the mission with a humorous flair. Expect mystery, comedy, and a little drama on Tuesday, 21 December at 19:00 CAT on BBC BritDStv Channel 120.

Wild ‘N Out

Keep the laughs and fun times rolling this holiday with some improv comedy. The man and the legend Nick Cannon is joined by a new A-list celebrity every episode to lead a team of comedians as they battle it out for the win. This is a true crowd-pleaser, so make sure to round up the family for some mid-week and weekend entertainment. Catch the next episode Tuesdays and Fridays at 21:30 CAT on MTVDStv Channel 130.

Just for Laughs Gags

Is there any better way to enjoy the holidays than with smiles all around? Make this a holiday to remember with memorable reality comedy gags. Most of us remember those hidden camera pranks people would shoot back in the day, right? Well, this show is exactly like that – but better. Watch as unsuspecting people get the shock of their lives in this hilarious prank-based show weekdays at 22:30 CAT on Comedy CentralDStv Channel 122.

With so much to look forward to on DStv, there's no need to leave the comfort and safety of your own home this holiday season. Catch these and more tantalising titles this December. Even better, you can download the DStv app to stream all your favourite shows and movies anytime, anywhere. Plus, the MyDStv app can help you manage your account, get personalised suggestions, and enjoy DStv Rewards.

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DStv brings you more reasons to stay in this festive season

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