Weg! Agterpaaie artwork.

Namibia receives a much-deserved place in the spotlight on Weg! Agterpaaie.

Viewers of the Afrikaans lifestyle channel VIA (147) will soon be able to enjoy an in-depth travel show exclusively dedicated to Namibia. Weg! Agterpaaie starts on Wednesday 24 August at 20:30 and it will give the beautiful plains and spaces of Namibia the attention it deserves.

Seasoned Weg journalists, Toast Coetzer and Erns Grundling, will present Weg! Agterpaaie and viewers will climb into the bakkie with them as they visit the less-visited jewels of Namibia.

Those only familiar with the well-known attractions will see something new while residents and experts can simply sit back and discover a newfound appreciation for the country’s spectacular beauty.

“Namibia is my favourite place to travel to. To me it’s a country of the heart with boundless hospitality and landscapes that overwhelm me time and time again,” explains Erns, who has travelled far and wide in search of stories but loves returning to Namibia every time.

The show will explore the remote corners of the country and places along the way include Grünau, Karasburg, Aroab, Koës, Gochas and Seeheim. The focus isn’t, however, on the destinations, but the adventures, people and vistas on route.

“Everyone who loves Namibia, is inspired by the planet and doesn’t care for some dust will love the show,” says Toast, the journalist who believes the best travel reading material is a road map. “Three types of roadmaps,” to be precise. Better known destinations like the Fish River Canyon, Sossusvlei, Ludertiz and Keetmanshoop will also enjoy their time on camera during an impressive 13 episodes of just Namibia, nothing else. 

New episodes of Weg! Agterpaaie air every Wednesday at 20:30.

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