Taraji P Henson and Terrence Howard in the FOX TV show, Empire on DStv

Now that we’ve joined the exciting world of Empire, we thought we’d find out which Empire character best suits you.

Now that we’ve joined the exciting world of Empire, we thought we’d find out which Empire character best suits you.

In the first two episodes, there was so much drama, such great one-liners and beautiful music - so we can’t wait to see what happens next. 

Relive the magic of the first two episodes with our Best moments from Empire article, take this quiz and be ready for tonight’s drama.

What TV show are you PVRing?
a.    The Real Housewives of Atlanta
b.    The Americans
c.    The Blacklist
d.    American Idol

Where are we most likely to find you?
a.    Front row at fashion week
b.    At an art exhibition with your friends
c.    In the studio, making music
d.    Partying with your friends on a yacht

The song that’s on repeat on your music player is…
a.    Anything by Kanye West
b.    Really Love by D’Angelo and The Vanguard
c.    Earned It by The Weeknd 
d.    Ayo by Chris Brown and Tyga

The TV character who most resembles your life is?
a.    Tyrion Lannister
b.    Phil Dunphy
c.    Frank Underwood
d.    The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

What is your favourite meal?
a.    Hot wings with lots of sauce
b.    Sushi, Chinese, Italian – I’ll try anything once
c.    As long as it goes well with my favourite whisky
d.    Anything I can get at the closest drive-thru

Mostly A’s: 
If you answered mostly A’s, then you’re Cookie Lyon. You are straight-forward, know what you want and how to get it. Your family is most important to you and you will protect them, no matter the cost to you. You also like taking a walk on the wild side and your life motto is straight out of a Shakespearean play: “To thine own self be true”.

Mostly B’s: 
If you answered mostly B’s, then you’re Jamal Lyon. You are soft-spoken and don’t invite drama into your life. You have a small, close group of friends and family, who mean the world to you. You have big dreams, but you won’t pursue them at the risk of hurting those you care for. Your life motto is: 'to err on the side of caution'.

Mostly C’s: 
If you answered mostly C’s then you’re Lucious Lyon. You know how hard you work to get things to work out for you, and don’t take it for granted. But you also protect what you’ve worked for. Legacy is important to you, and at the end of the day, you want to take a look back and say: “What I’ve done is amazing and has had a positive impact on so many lives”.

Mostly D’s: 
If you answered mostly D’s, then you’re Hakeem Lyon. You take life as it comes and take the party with you. Wherever you go, you Turn Up The Music just like Chris Brown. You don’t take responsibility for your actions, as someone is always there to clean up your mess. 

Let us know in the comment section which Empire character you are.