Juventus v Tottenham

The UEFA Champions League round of 16 is about to take over Valentine’s Day and with that DStv is changing the Valentines tradition. It’s no longer about the romance but about the bromance - the bromance with teammates at the Champions League and the bromance with your friends as you sit down to watch the greatest teams in the world battle for glory.

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Find the full UCL 2018 round of 16 schedule here.

Valentines may be a love affair but Champions League has made it a misters before sisters affair this time round. Now you have a valid reason to stay at home with that special someone and spend some quality bromance time with Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Junior and any of your favourite players. You can even invite the boys over and share that bromance moment - the more, the merrier rigt? .

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Get ready for some bromance this Valentines because UCL 2018 is here to give you all the feels and the most memorable Valentines ever.

1. We live for the tears

Without all the emotions and the tears, football would not be the greatest sport ever made. And Champions League is known for its tear-jerking moments, whether they are tears of joy or pain. Andrea Pirlo, you may be retired now but we still remember you.



It’s okay if you tear up when your team wins or loses, these moments are priceless. Even José Mourinho has promised some beautiful tears.


2. We live for the drama

Champions League is known for serving up some of the most dramatic moments like random feuds, fake dives, offside scores, denied penalties, unfair red cards, great scoring moments, saves, misses and comebacks that will make you feel all kinds of emotions and adrenaline rush. Remember when Real Madrid booked their place in the last four at the UCL 2016/2017 edition against Bayern Munich from two contentious goals by Cristiano Ronaldo?

At least CR7 always brings drama and we expect nothing less with the UEFA Champions League round of 16 kicks off on DStv. For one, can he be dramatic enough to maintain his top scorer lead when Real Madrid faces off against Neymar’s side Paris St Germain which has two contenders for the top spot – both Neymar and Edinson Cavani with six goals each? Four words: there shall be drama.

3. We live for the bromance

Aside from the competitiveness and the outbursts here and there, there is a lot of bromance on and off the soccer field that we can’t help but admire. Hands up if you miss the Neymar-Messi bromance. It was a good one while it lasted.


But it’s the Champions League, when one bromance ends, there’s always a new one like the one between Manchester United's Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford, hopefully we can see more of that in the round of 16.

Get you a bro who can defend you against bullies the way Lingard defended Rashford against Manchester City players in 2016. I wonder what he was saying: Pick on someone your own size, perhaps?

Then there’s the bromance between Paul Pogba and Lingard, at this rate Lingard is the real MVP of bromance. Take notes gentlemen, let the footballers show you how to nurture a bromance because it’s the in-thing this Valentines.

4. We live for the celebrations

With every victory at the UEFA Champions League, comes celebrations. And what better way to celebrate than to share your unique dance moves with the world. Pogba, we see you with the dab brother, now if only Alexis Sanchez can learn the move.


It’s too bad we won’t get to see Diego Costa’s unique dance moves but a few players have shown a lot of potential.

Now it’s time to tighten up your Odi dance moves boys because they will come in handy when your favourite team scores.

5. We live for the selfies

During Valentines, selfies are the icing on the cake, it’s one way of showing off to the rest of the world. Like Neymar commemorated Barcelona’s win against Juventus in UCL finals in 2015 by taking a selfie with fans, remember to immortalize your time with the boys by taking a selfie (or several of them) before, during and after the game. Let the world know the bromance is tight, yo.