DStv Explora decoder

Get your DStv Explora today and enjoy your viewing experience with these amazing features.

The DStv Explora is one of a kind, designed with amazing features to ensure you get the most out of your viewing experience. Take a closer look:

1. DStv Catch Up

Catch Up allows you to make time on all your favourite series, movies, sports highlights and kid shows that you may have missed out on, whenever you feel like catching up. Read more here.

2. Box Office

BoxOffice is loaded with sizzling shows and blockbuster movies, all in High Definition. Learn more about BoxOffice here.

3. HD viewing

Your favourite sports, documentary and movie channels in crystal clear picture. 

4. More recording space

With upto 220 hours of recording space, you can never run out of anything to watch. Just record, record, record, and there's always room for more.

5. Organized playlist

As you record your favourite shows, the Explora neatly arranges them for you into categories that are easily accessible.

6. Instant search

Whatever it is you are looking in our massive list of channels, you can search for it on your Explora, just by pressing the search button on the remote.

Don't be left out on all these incredible offerings, get your Explora today by filling in the form below.


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