Ezekiel Kemboi at the Rio Olympics 2016

Are you having a bad day? Are you upset that Ezekiel Kemboi has been disqualified from the 3 000m steeplechase and stripped of his bronze medal in the Rio Olympics? 

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Here is something to make you feel better



Here is another one



You see Ezekiel Kemboi's foot may have strayed a little off course in the race (something the Olympics laws call lane infringement), but this man is the boss. He is the master of surprises. And he can do anything he darn feels like.

I mean he can "hang" with President Uhuru Kenyatta like this


That he is part of Kenyatta's security detail is not even the issue here. So we shall refrain from bringing it up.

He's been more successful than Arsenal since 2004 (#WengerOut anyone?)



In short, Kemboi is Baba Yao. 

Just before his 3 000m steeplechase race, rare images of him surfaced from Rio.



Kenyans are now thinking that his barber has to be stopped. Because he only had one job...



He can pass for a sponsor, no?



Others dragged the gods into it



Kemboi, the man who's given Kenya 10 gold medals, and is now ready to retire.



Or is he?



The G.O.A.T will return. If only France had left his bronze medal alone. RESPECK! to this legend.

London 2017 will be lit


Lesson learnt: You just don't drag the master of surprises out of retirement, son.