Solar Power DStv

Did you know you can stay entertained with solar power?

Going to shags for the holidays? DStv is here to keep you entertained even if you live in an area that has no electricity grid. Yes, that means that you can solar power your DStv decoder and keep up with your favourite shows, inlcuding La Liga and Premier League on SuperSport, your World of Champions.


Here are a few pointers on how to keep yourself entertained.

What you need:

  • Solar panel,
  • Solar battery,
  • Charge controller/regulator,
  • Cables
  • Inverter
  • You will need solar panel kits which come in a variety of sizes and output (wattage), for example 50 watts, 100 watts, 150 watts and so on. You get to choose what is best suited for your household. The rule of thumb is that the fewer electronics and appliances you run, the less power you need.

What you can connect:

Once the customer has all the components needed for the solar setup, connections will flow from the solar panel on the outside, preferably on the roof to harness maximum UV energy from the sun. Cables will connect the solar panel to a charge controller/regulator that converts the UV energy to power stored in the battery. The charge controller/regulator prevents the panel from over charging the battery.

The charge controller/regulator enables you to connect Direct Current (DC) powered devices such as decoders, TVs, coolers, fan, spotlight/bulbs and cell phones. Please note that the power on the charge controller/regulator is DC and not Alternate Current (AC).


If you need AC, you would need an inverter connected to convert the DC power to AC.

All other appliances - TVs, pumps, florescent lights - would be connected from the charge controller/regulator.

Interesting tid bit: There are TVs in the market that are optional on AC/DC.

The setup:

Your solar power vendor will be able to help you set up your connections to ensure you get the best solar power system to suit your needs.

Now you are all set up to stay entertained no matter what. Get your DStv today so that you don't miss a moment.