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We tell you how to save the day with BoxOffice for the best movie experience

No other platform goes big on movies like BoxOffice. Not only does it have up to 21 Hollywood blockbuster titles at any given time, it also allows you to choose the movie to rent and watch in your own time. Even more convenient is that you can preview all the trailers for the movies available to assist you in making the best renting choices.

BoxOffice, which you can access on the DStv Explora, is available to Premium and Compact subscribers and is updated with current titles for your sampling.

Check out this week’s newest additions on BoxOffice.

You can also rent, share and win with  #BoxOfficeTakeout and have free pizza delivered to your doorstep just by tweeting about the movie you are renting.

Other than offering the best entertainment experience, BoxOffice can save the day in more ways than one;

1. When you need to impress a girl

It is the toughest challenge that men have had to face for ages, some have even used gladiatorial antics to conquer a woman’s heart. But have you tried BoxOffice for a change? On date night, you don’t even have to leave the house to catch a movie, just settle on the couch and rent your movie. To score even more points with your lady of interest; you could set the mood for a romantic movie night with candles, dim lighting and cushions for an ultimate cuddling spot.

And what better movie to cuddle up to than the rom-com Lovesick available for rent on BoxOffice.

2. When your folks come into town

When your parents are in town, you need to keep them entertained so they don’t feel bored or ignored. After a nice dinner and some catching up, you can settle down to enjoy a movie or two on BoxOffice. This way they can watch all the movies they want at the comfort of your home, no hassle.

For a family movie to enjoy with your folks, rent Annie, where the youngest Academy Award nominee Quvenzhane Wallis plays the titular role.



3. When your friends come over

Friends are always up for a good time, especially when they show up in numbers. Yes, they can be loud and deplete your refrigerator stock, but at least they liven up your house. To make it even livelier, rent a movie on BoxOffice, grab a beer (or whatever drink your palette agrees with) and enjoy it together. You will definitely up your ratings as host of the year.

Rent the Seth Rogen – James Franco ensemble The Interview for some good laughs with friends.



4. When you are feeling too lazy to leave the couch

There are those days when you just want to stay indoors and watch movies, a moment in your life worthy of a BoxOffice couch experience.

An action flick like Blackhat is exactly what you need to pump up your energy. Rent it now on BoxOffice.



5. When you have no plans at all

Just imagine, you’ve got a long weekend ahead of you, but no plans whatsoever and everyone is too busy to make time for you. Fortunately, BoxOffice has all the time in the world for you. You can rent and binge watch as many movies as you like, from Kevin Hart’s The Wedding Ringer to Fifty Shades of Grey to Reese Witherspoon’s Wild. And if you fancy the thriller or horror genre, titles like The Lazarus Effect and The Remaining are also available for renting. Rent them now on BoxOffice.



You can never go wrong with BoxOffice. Get your DStv Explora and start renting.

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