DStv Billboard Obama in Kenya - Kenya hosts Obama

DStv offers a TV guide to the Great Obamigration weekend.

As you already know, United States President Barack Obama will be in Kenya this weekend for the #GES2105 set for Saturday, 25 July and Sunday, 26 July.

Traffic is usually on the thicker side in Nairobi but prepare yourself for the Armageddon of all traffics when uncle Obama comes home. For those who will be at home, we're offering you a TV guide for the Great Obamigration weekend.

For starters, make sure your fridge is equipped with all sorts of thirst quenchers because DStv has an action-packed weekend for you fellas. The weekend should be about pizza, lasagna, chips, guacamole and awesome shows on DStv. Are you equipped for the Great Obamigration? Let's find out now!

On Friday, experience Day 1 of the London Grand Prix in HD. Watch the action at the Olympic Stadium where track and field athletes will be showcasing their skills. Tune for the continuation of the IAAF Diamond League, Friday, 24 July on SS5A at 21:50 live in HD on SuperSport.

For the KPL lovers and especially the Gor Mahia fans, this seems to be your weekend as Mr. Obama, who has roots in Kogelo, is in town. We doubt POTUS will manage to attend a live game but he is welcome to stream the Gor Mahia vs Telecom match live on SuperSport this Sunday, 26 July at 12:30 on SS9. Make sure you tune in!

The movie lovers have BoxOffice to look forward to. If you have your DStv Explora in check, then you are all set for some fantastic viewing. If you, like us, have been dying to see our girl RiRi in yet another movie, then use this weekend listen to her voice the character Tip in trhe movie Home.

Also look out for the thought-provoking Black or White, the thrilling Boy Next Door and many other awesome titles on your DStv Explora this weekend. Besides, you have nowhere to go! Might as well make use of that time for great family entertainment at home with BoxOffice. See what I did there?

Ladies! After getting the manicures, pedicures and hair done, it's time to Catch Up like a diva! Yes, finally some time to catch up on the shows we missed during the week. With titles like The Good Wife, Jane the Virgin, and House of Cards, we just hope you remembered to stock the freezer with ice cream as this is the sweetest this deal you will ever get.

Fellas, The Explosion Festival is upon us! You ask what that is? To put it simply, it is back-to-back, action-packed weekend just like we promised, all on DStv Now. Die Hard 4, Edge of Tomorrow and The Expendables 3 - that’s us just getting warmed up. We have so many super-charged movies just waiting for you to get your beer and popcorn. Let’s get this party started. Obama should really visit his homeland more often.

If you do end up going to Kasarani Stadium to see the president, remember the DStv Now App will also be at your service. Our advice would be to pay all the attention you can, but we also understand that yes, long speeches can get boring and you might need a break. Just make sure you have good internet connection, headphones and disappear into the world of Live TV where you will have options for days thanks to DStv Now.


On Sunday, Animal Planet plans to take us to  the wild. Being that it will be the end of Obamigration and probably a return of the city dwellers from hibernation as well. Make sure to catch Lions of Sabi Sand: Brothers in Blood, Sunday, 26 July at 18:15 on Animal Planet.