black-ish S4

Thanksgiving may be an American holiday but that does not mean we have nothing to be thankful for. I mean when you see tweets like “Have we tried putting 2017 in rice?” then you realize that we shouldn’t take it for granted for making it this far. We all have moments we are grateful for. For instance we are thankful that DStv is bringing the family together this festive season by lowering prices and offering more entertainment. 

But with DStv, one good moment is never enough, so here are a few more things we are grateful for this weekend.

1. DStv Black Friday Deals

Without Thanksgiving, we would not have Black Friday. With the DStv Black Friday offer in Kenya, you can now get the DStv Explora complete kit at only Ksh 7299 and save up to Ksh 3200. Or you can get the fully installed DStv HD decoder plus one month compact subscription at only Ksh 3499 saving up to Ksh 1500. Visit our online shop DStv Soko to purchase now. Offer valid while stocks last. 


2. Family that accepts us even with all our quirks – Black-ish

In Black-ish, Dre Johnson is a man-child who is always throwing tantrums and whining to everyone (even his children) just so he can have his way. For his family, and especially his wife, he can be a lot to take sometimes (most of the time actually) but at the end of the day, he is still the husband and the father his family would rather have. Catch the brand new season of Black-ish on Saturday at 18:30 CAT on VUZU Amp (103), also available for streaming on DStv Now.



3. Ride or die squad – Friends

Rachel, Monica, Ross, Phoebe and Chandler are the kind of squad we all aspire to be. Sure they may have had bad moments like Ross’ ‘we were on a break debacle’, but they had so many good moments together and were always there for each other. Plus they always make time to have coffee together at Central Perk and always had some memorable Thanksgiving dinners. Catch Friends on Sunday from 16:35 on Comedy Central (122), or stream it live on DStv Now.



4. Moments of laughter – Ultimate Comic and Varshita

No one knows how to light up a room and cause ripples of laughter like comedians Churchill, Njugush and Jalang’o. Good thing is that now you can find them all in one place as they all work towards finding the Ultimate Comic – the funniest comedian in Kenya – on Maisha Magic East (158) on Saturdays at 19:30 EAT, or stream it live on DStv Now.

Read more on Jalang’o’s take on why Ultimate Comic is the show to watch.

Varshita is another show you definitely have to watch if laughter is more your thing, and who doesn’t want that? Continuing their love story that started on Auntie Boss, Varshita (Eve D’Souza) and Donovan (Maqbul Mohammed) are now faced with the challenge of getting to know each other’s families. As usual, this show couldn’t be funnier without Varshita’s craziness – a woman who will do anything for love. Watch new episodes of Varshita on Sundays at 20:30 EAT on Maisha Magic East (158) or stream it live on DStv Now.



5. Classics that take us back – Jurassic Park

A 90s cult-classic, Jurassic Park made dinosaurs look cool even amid the terror of these genetically engineered monsters running loose and making a meal out of humans in an island theme park. 24 years since its release, we are still thankful for this one blockbuster that paved way for one of the most successful franchise in Hollywood. Who’s ready for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? Catch Jurassic Park on Saturday at 17:55 CAT on M-Net Movies Bucket List (109), or stream it live on DStv Now.


6. That African beat that never fails

Nothing says ready for a Thanksgiving get down like dancing to the best Afro beats. No, we don’t do turkey here, only good music and nyama choma. You can start off by joining Amina and DJ Joe Mfalme as they bring you the hottest East African music on The Turn Up on Saturday at 20:30 on Maisha Magic East (158), or stream it live on DStv Now.



Also catch your favourite African artists on Coke Studio Africa as they share one stage to create some of the best music fusions in the continent, on Sunday 26 November at 22:00 on MTV Base (322) which you can also stream live on DStv Now.


7. A love worth fighting for – Everything, Everything

Oh, to be young and in love. Amandla Stenberg stars in this romantic movie as Maddy, a girl who is confined to her house due to a rare illness until she falls in love with the boy next door Olly and now everything seems possible. For the perfect Thanksgiving weekend, rent Everything, Everything now available on BoxOffice.