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DStv has set itself apart from the rest as the finest brand in the digital TV space. It offers the best entertainment package across its diverse platforms and packages. Besides, when it comes to all the goodies it has to offer, DStv is unrivalled in so many ways, take a look:

1. Five packages

DStv offers FIVE entertainment packages that DStv subscribers can choose from depending on which one best suits their needs. These include:

DStv Premium which boasts over 140 channels and irresistible shows that will get you on the edge of your seat.

DStv Compact Plus and Compact which have over 100 channels, DStv Family with over 75 channels and DStv Access with over 65 channels.

2. DStv Explora

The DStv Explora is one of a kind. Some of the features found on the Explora include Catch Up and BoxOffice loaded with sizzling shows and blockbuster movies, all in High Definition.

There is so much you can do with the DStv Explora like fast-forward and replay, record two shows at the same time, and watch TV despite a disrupted signal among other things. The Explora even allows you to search for anything you want just by clicking the remote.

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3. DStv Catch Up

Catch Up, available on your Explora allows you to catch up on series, movies, sports highlights and kid shows that you missed whenever you feel like it. And you never have to worry about running out of what to watch because there are so many titles to choose from.

4. DStv Now

DStv Now is an entertainment bank that allows you to catch all the shows you missed, anywhere, anytime. With DStv Now, you can also access Catch Up and Live TV whose contents are updated on a daily basis, from series to movies to sports.

If you missed The Blacklist S2, you can always find it on DStv Now. For even better convenience, you can download the DStv Now app on your phone, for iOS and Android.

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5. BoxOffice

When you can’t go the movies, DStv brings the movies to you on BoxOffice which you can access through your DStv Explora. BoxOffice offers up to 21 Hollywood blockbusters at a time for you to rent and watch in your own time, available up to 48 hours.

Rent Taken 3 now on BoxOffice.

BoxOffice is currently available to DStv Premium, Compact Plus and Compact subscribers.

6. 17 sports channels

We are not talking about just any sports channel, but SuperSport, the certified world of champions. SuperSport, through its 17 sports channels, showcase a variety of sports including football, athletics, cricket, rugby, basketball, boxing, motorcross and much more in live coverage and expert studio analysis.

SuperSport also offers live streaming for major sporting action like English Premier League, Indian Premier League and global tennis and golf tournaments.

7. The most variety

When it comes to entertainment, DStv goes bigger and better, that is why we have over 140 amazing channels. Some of these channels are only unique to DStv and cannot be found on other platforms like the recently launched ITV that features gripping British content.

DStv is also the only platform that has two BET channels (BET on channel 129 and BET2 on channel 135) because one is just never enough.

Furthermore, DStv celebrates Africa with its diverse channels exclusive to original African content like AfricaMagic, EbonyLife and Maisha Magic.

Through its many channels, DStv is home to award winning shows, most of them nominated for Critics Choice Awards 2015.

DStv is also up to date when it comes to the hottest new shows in town.

Catch the mystery – laden Wayward Pines as it premiers on Thursday 14 May at 22:00 on FOX (DStv Channel 125).

Another new show that is a must-watch is the two episode old Desperate Housewives Africa on Thursday 14 May at 22:00 on EbonyLife (DStv Channel 165).

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