Nini Wacera as Ese De Souza in Desperate Housewives Africa.

You can't miss this, Nini Wacera is starring as Ese De Souza in Desperate Housewives Africa.

One of Kenya’s most famous actresses, Nini Wacera is back in the limelight to take on the challenging role of Ese De Souza, Africa’s version of Bree Van de Kamp in the highly anticipated Desperate Wives Africa to debut on EbonyLife (DStv Channel 165) on Thursday 30 April at 22:00.

The thought of Nini embodying such an iconic role is exciting, but perhaps what is even more intriguing is how the free-spirited Kenyan will portray such a socially quirky character.

Anyone who was ever obsessed with the wives of Wisteria Lane can never forget the ‘dutiful’ wife Bree and her queer organization that was frowned upon by her family. But the strangest thing about being Bree was that for a character who was always so uptight, we counted on her stifled emotions to bear into her soul.

In a normal world, Wingu la Moto’s Suzzane and Bree would never belong to the same circle. The former is certified as TV’s baddest girl while the latter is notorious for being a peculiar perfectionist, sometimes bordering on obsessive compulsive disorder. But these two characters will now be bound together by Nini.

Here’s a tidbit of what she had to say about the show:


Therefore, the question everybody should be asking is: Can Nini Wacera fit into Bree’s multi-dimensional shoes?

Taking a walk down memory lane, Nini acting slate is quite diverse; in fact, there is no talking about the evolution of the Kenyan film industry without mentioning her name. Nini broke into the scene with the award-winning Dangerous Affair (2003), Project Daddy (2004), the White Maasai (2005), Nairobi Half Life (2012), culminating her Kenyan film career with Judy Kibinge’s Something Necessary (2013).

From there on, Nini has been making an appearance in various Nollywood projects, a crossover that has undoubtedly improved the actress’ international standing.

And just recently she played Julia Oyange in the AfricaMagic telenovela Kona. If her acting history is anything to go by, I think Nini Wacera will do justice to Bree’s role.

Don't forget to catch Nini Wacera in the debut of this exciting spin-off on Thursday 30 April at 22:00 on EbonyLife (Channel 165).