DStv New Year

Make some achievable New Year resolutions with DStv.

Goodbye 2015, hello 2016. Here comes the New Year and with it, an impulsive energy to make some meaningful changes in our lives. Like chasing new dreams, and as is habitual, crossing off last year’s resolutions, jotting down some new ones and praying to God that we shall achieve all of them.

But writing a list that will define your year isn’t the easiest task, is it? If you need realistic and achievable New Year resolutions, how about a little help from DStv?

1. Treat yourself to more movies

Watching movies should be about comfort, and nothing says that better than enjoying the latest blockbusters from the luxury of your couch. If you need therapy, comfort and lots of entertainment, look no further than BoxOffice where you can rent as many Hollywood blockbusters as you please.

To start you off, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and The Man from U.N.C.L.E are available for renting, with more like The Transporter Refueled coming soon.

2. Learn a foreign language

In today’s world, throwing a word or two in a foreign language will deem you cooler than the common folk. Who knows, it might even get you a dream job or something. DStv offers three French packages that can be added to your active package. So why not learn some French? Bonne année everyone!

3. Eat right

Eat this, don’t eat that. Carbs are good for you. No, don’t eat carbs at all. Actually, carbs in small amounts won’t hurt you. This pretty much sums up our daily struggle to eat the right kinds of foods to stay healthy. But in a world where everyone has an opinion on what to eat and not eat, it helps if you can turn to the right people for delicious healthy recipes. At DStv, we make it easier for you to find culinary experts at the click of your remote.

Tune in to Food Network (175) on Monday 4 January and sample all the healthy deliciousness at Siba’s Table.

While at it, you can still head over to the DStv Foodies Page for more healthy foods to kick off your 2016.

4. Keep up to date with the latest trends

We all want to get a hold of the latest stuff – news, fashion, music, gadgets, movies and even TV shows like the latest episodes of the local hit Sumu La Penzi, Monday to Wednesday at 18:30 on Maisha Magic East.

You can also check out the DStv series calendar and the DStv Guide for so much more.

Even better news, you can catch the best shows Express from the US, which means a few hours after they air in the US. No more waiting for a whole week for a new episode. How’s that for keeping up with the latest trends?

5. Manage your time well

Time is a luxury most of us cannot afford, and even if we could, we rarely manage it well. We are stuck with conflicting schedules, forgotten to-do lists and overpopulated paperwork. And we still want to squeeze in date nights, family time and some TV time. Well, how about turning to DStv for some help.

Are you a TV fanatic? There is no need to skip meetings and date nights just to stay home for your favourite show. With DStv Now, you can carry your favourite shows, movies and even live EPL and La Liga matches wherever you go, just by downloading the DStv Now app on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Too busy to go to the movies? When you get home just grab your DStv Explora remote and rent a movie on BoxOffice. You don’t even need to watch it immediately as the movie will still be available for 48 hours after renting.

Too swamped with work to catch the latest episode to your favourite show? DStv Explora gives you DStv Catch Up that stacks up your latest episodes for you to watch whenever you can make the time.

And now, with the internet-connected Explora, managing your time just got even easier with DStv Catch Up Plus that gives you so much more content online. What about those days you travel but still need to come back and find your shows where you left off? The connected DStv Explora also allows for Remote Recording of your latest episodes from your mobile phone or PC to your decoder, wherever you are.

Happy New Year from DStv!!