Sue Na Jonnie

Maisha Magic East (channel 158) has nabbed eight nominations in the 2017 Kalasha International Film and TV Awards announced by the Kenya Film Commission on Wednesday 8 November at Nairobi's IMAX Cinema.

Maisha Magic East Head of Channel Margaret Mathore expressed her excitement saying: "I am proud of the producers who have worked tirelessly and passionately to create this great content that have received recognition in the industry. Most of the producers we have worked with this year are very young and it's an honour to see them reap the fruits of their hardwork." 

She added: "Other than honing the talent of these producers, we are also creating hundreds of jobs for everyone involved in these projects airing on our channel, giving them a chance that they might not have gotten elsewhere."

Mathore reaffirmed Maisha Magic East's commitment to investing in local productions.

"As a channel, we are excited that we continue to believe in these young Kenyans to tell the African story, and more importantly to tell the Kenyan story in their own eyes. We have entered this market and we are going to change the fortunes of the industry." 

And here they are:

1. Best Comedy – Hullabaloo Estate

Hullabaloo Estate follows the lives of Kenya’s veteran comedians Olexander, Ondieki and Makhoha, and the dramas and conflicts that arise within their neighbourhood. Anything goes in this one as they bring you laughter like you’ve felt it before. Tune in to Hullabaloo Estate every Monday to Wednesday at 20:00 EAT.

2. Best Performance in a Comedy

Bilal Wanjau – Jela 5-Star

Bilal Wanjau plays the role of the ‘bad cop’ Kasoro, a prison guard on Jela 5-Star, a petty crimes prison that is never short of quirks and laughs and regular collisions between guards and prisoners. If you are lucky, you might even witness some love affairs blossom behind bars between the staff members and the prisoners. Jela 5-Star airs on Thursday and Friday at 18:00 EAT.


James Chanji – Mshamba

Comedian James Chanji plays the role of Mshamba on this comedy of the same name about a village man who travels to the city and has to adapt to his new environment, always with comical consequences. Tune in to the hilarious culture shock on Mshamba on weekdays at 17:00 EAT.


3. Best TV Drama

Sue na Jonnie

Ever since it was released, there was no doubt that Sue na Jonnie was an award-winning show; if not for its mistaken identity premise alone, then for its original storylines that we can all relate to, and sometimes laugh to. Sue na Jonnie stars Catherine Kamau and Martin Githinji in the titular roles of Sue and Jonnie respectively. Catch the new season every Monday to Wednesday at 15:30 EAT.



Set in the coastal city of Mombasa, Maza tells the story of how one woman’s jealousy and greed ruins a whole family when she turns her best friend into a cat just so she can have her life. Tune in to Maza every weekday at 19:30 EAT.


4. Best Actor in a TV Drama

Martin Githinji – Sue na Jonnie

Martin Githinji plays Jonnie, a hustler who takes on someone else’s identity to land a lucrative job when the opportunity presents itself. Risky but quite hilarious, join him on the new season Sue na Jonnie every Monday to Wednesday at 15:30 EAT.

5. Best Actress in a TV Drama

Catherine Kamau – Sue na Jonnie

Catherine Kamau otherwise known as Kate Actress plays Sue, a street-smart short-tempered woman who has the skills of a black-belt when it comes to defending the things she loves. She is hired by Jonnie to play his fake girlfriend to earn some money. Catch her in the all new Sue na Jonnie every Monday to Wednesday at 15:30 EAT.

6. Best TV Documentary

Stori Yangu, an inspirational documentary brings you the story of some of Kenya’s public figures like you’ve never seen them before. From inspirational speaker and YouTuber Caroline Mutoko to the newly elected Dagoretti South Member of Parliament John ‘KJ’ Kiarie, Stori Yangu digs deeper into the events that shaped these names and made them the people they are today, featuring exclusive interviews from friends and families. Tune in to Stori Yangu on Fridays at 20:00.

Watch these and many more exciting shows on Maisha Magic East, channel 158.