Film fans attending M-Net pre-screening at IMAX.

Film fans throng IMAX to watch The Transporter Refueled hosted by M-Net.

Before its release, there was a lot of chatter about Ed Skrein replacing Jason Statham as Frank Martin in the reboot of The Transporter. No one was doubting Skrein’s acting skills (his shortlived stint in Game of Thrones is memorable enough), but rather if he is good enough an actor to sit in the driver seat of Statham’s Audi A8.

On Wednesday night, M-Net gave film fans the priviledge of seeing this new Transporter in action for the first time at Nairobi’s IMAX theatre.

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For those who attended the M-Net event at Nairobi’s IMAX theatre, we can all agree that The Transporter Refueled lived up to its prequels, if the fast-paced chases that wreaked havoc in the streets of France, crazy stunts and action sequences are anything to go by.

As Frank Martin, Skrein is a little more polished than Statham - a man of few words, whose jawline sometimes distracts you from everything he says. The real action begins when Frank is coerced into offering his elite courier services by a femme fatale Anna (and her female cohorts) with a cliché revenge story that doesn’t quite make you feel enough sympathy for her.

Although they try to lighten the mood, Frank and Anna's scenes are a little stilted, often flanked by cheesy dialogue and cliché one-liners. 

But even in the previous installments, The Transporter has never relied on storylines but more on how fast Frank can drive his Audi and crash into the most unlikely places - like an airport terminal full of people - without getting as much as a scratch. 

Frank's no-nonsense work ethic and hands-on fighting skills manages to refuel The Transporter. But more commendable is the chemistry between Skrein and Ray Stevenson, a father-son relationship that sometimes steals the show from the fast action sequence.

Skrein brings fresh energy to this franchise just like Daniel Craig in his debut in the Bond series. And maybe, it is premature to compare the new Frank's role to 007's but you can see why a break from Statham wasn't that bad after all.

Overall, the movie is fun to watch, and features some honourable mentions like when Frank jumps from the boat into the jet ski. And his not-so-poker face.

Keep in mind that you can experience more of this fun at IMAX in the next M-Net's prescreening. Keep it locked to DStv to find out more.