The Nairobi food culture is evolving quite fast as the Kenyan middle class grows an expensive and sophisticated palate as seen by the demand of good eats.

While there is quite a variety of restaurants to cater to almost every need, the food culture is still taking shape. EatOut, the popular online restaurant guide, listened to what the customer wants and after the successful pizza festival, #BurgerFestival is now upon us.

With as many as 80 restaurant participating, we are about to see the reinvention of burgers. The launch was at the upscale Urban Burger where, amid the cocktails, burgers and bottomless fries, general manager for EatOut Michelle Slater welcomed guests to an afternoon of fun and games and more burgers. There was a burger eating contest, beer pong and the convergence of all the local foodies in one place to launch the first ever Burger Festival to take place in Kenya.

Here is how it all went down:

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