DStv Eazy Self Service

Other than the wide range of awesome content that we offer, we at DStv want nothing but efficient service for our customers. Are you having a little trouble paying for your DStv subscription using your account number? No need to worry, you can top up your DStv account using your SmartCard number.
Kindly note: Your SmartCard number is on the card in your decoder.
Once you have located your SmartCard number, there are several options to pay for your subscription with ease. And you don't even have to queue, just visit the DStv Eazy Self Service
With DStv Eazy, you don’t have to worry about technicalities; it’s as easy as it sounds. Just enter your SmartCard number to find out how much is due on your account. 
Then use the options below to pay for your subscription:
MPESA (Sim card)
  1. Go to the Safaricom menu and select ‘M-PESA’
  2. Enter the DStv Business number i.e. Paybill number: DStv: 444900
  3. Enter the DStv SmartCard number as displayed on Eazy Self Service
  4. Enter the amount you want to pay
  5. Confirm the details entered, Click ‘Ok’
  6. The following message will be displayed: Sending >>> Sent Wait for M-Pesa to Reply, then Click ‘Ok”
  7. You will then receive a confirmation SMS of your payment.

Mpesa (Bonga PIN)

  1. Select the option: M-Pesa (with Bonga PIN)
  2. Enter your mobile number
  3. Enter an amount greater than KSH10
  4. On the “LIPA NA M-PESA” screen enter your mobile number in the following format i.e. 2547200000
  5. Tick the box to acknowledge ‘I agree with the terms and conditions’
  6. Click on ‘Lipa na M-Pesa’
  7. To complete this transaction, enter your PIN on your handset. If you don't have a PIN, press 0 and follow the instructions.
  8. Once your payment is successful you will be presented with the ‘RESULT: Successful’ and will be redirected back to Eazy Self Service

NOTE: Don’t have a BongaPIN?

    1. Dial *126# and reply with 5 or dial *126*5#
    2. Select the “Change current PIN” option
    3. Enter current Bonga PIN
    4. Enter the last direct top-up amount
    5. Enter new PIN
    6. Confirm new PIN
    7. Click OK to confirm

Please always ensure that your DECODER IS ON before making payments.

Check out some more payment options we have for you on the to pay for your subscription with ease.

Remember paying for your account on time ensures you get uninterrupted viewing of the latest shows coming soon to DStv like This Is Us and other exciting offerings like the Black Belt movies pop-up channel.