A family gathered for BoxOffice movie night.

Still wondering what to do during the weekend? Get on BoxOffice and enjoy your movies with a free pizza.

The weekend is here and what better way to make the most out of it than to catch a Hollywood blockbuster movie.

However, some of us hardly get to enjoy movies, mainly because we get distracted just as we try to sit down and watch. If that's you, then DStv BoxOffice is the answer, provided that you're a DStv Premium or Compact subscriber and own a PVR or Explora.

We show you how to get the most from your movie-watching experience.

1. Prepare a comfortable sitting space

Full movies go on for 90 minutes or more and, during this time, you have to get as comfortable as possible. Prepare your sitting area with pillows, cushions or throws for your head or your back. Also, keep a blanket close by just in case you will need one later.

2. Wrap it up with your friends

There are those friends who seem to always call you while you are watching a movie and then they talk non-stop. You don’t want any interruptions once the movie has started, so call them up and have a nice wholesome chat before you go dark on them.

If you are watching the movie with friends, have a nice discussion before renting the movie just so no one starts an engaging conversation halfway through the movie.

3. Rent your movie

Follow these steps to rent:

  • If you are not already registered for BoxOffice, do so by sending your Smart Card number to 37269.
  • Choose from a wide selection of Hollywood blockbusters like Kill the Messenger, which is available for rent.
  • Rent your movie instantly for only Ksh 230, which you can easily pay with a variety of flexible option.

4. Tweet and log out of social media

Tweet about your rental, including the name of the movie and a picture with the hashtag #BoxOfficeTakeout.


Once you are done with tweeting, log out so that there are no distraction once you start watching your movie.

5. Get snacks

You need some tasty treats that you will munch away as you watch the movie. A delicious pizza is the perfect combo for a movie night and it is even better if it is free. Yes, once you tweet about your rental, free pizza will be delivered right at your doorstep! #BoxOfficeTakeout is convenient and yummy!



6. Set the right mood

You can dim the lights to set the right mood to enjoy your movie. In case you decide to rent your movie during the day, you can pull the curtains to make the space more cozy and personal.

7. Enjoy your movie

After everything has been said and done, now it is the time to go back to your screen and press WATCH NOW.