The DStv satellites


In 1995. MultiChoice Kenya started operations in Kenya in a joint venture with Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation, building a proudly Kenyan pay-TV business.
We pride ourselves in always putting the MultiChoice Africa customer first, providing superior customer service, technical support and subscriber management. In 2013, we invested in world-class studios that are benefitting Kenyans and the community leaving in East Africa.

MultiChoice Kenya is a pay-TV operator that has and continue to believe in developing local talent and content. Some of our local television and movies stars have benefitted from our investment and now they are big stars on AfricaMagic as they showcase their talent in Kenya’s movie industry.

•    The company was established a s a joint venture (JV) between MultiChoice Africa Ltd and the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation in February 1995.
•    The JV was created during the time when Kenyan broadcasting industry was experience liberalisation to usher new players in the market.
•    In 2005, MultiChoice Kenya unveiled personal video recorder (PVR)
•    MultiChoice also in August 2005 began trials of mobile television delivered to handsets using the Digital Video Broadcast – Handheld (DVB-H) technology, as well as television transmission via Internet Protocol (IPTV) across high-speed ADSL lines.
•    In 2009 created one high-definition television (HDTV) channel just before the Soccer World Cup held in South Africa
•    In July 2010, mobile phone operator Safaricom partners with MultiChoice Kenya to allow its customers to pay their bills through M-Pesa service.
•    MultiChoice Kenya launch a new pay TV company to comply with the Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting called Gotv in September 2011 with with 26 channels.
•    In August 2011, MultiChoice Kenya launches DStv Mobile Drifta to deliver mobile TV.
•    MultiChoice Kenya buys Film Studios Kenya to generate local content in 2013
•    In August 2013, SuperSport and M-Net launched new state-of-the-art studios in Nairobi
•    In December 2013, AfricaMagic turned 10 in Kenya 
•    DStv Explora decoder was launched in December 2013
•    MultiChoice Kenya launches education-rich channel ED on GOtv and DStv in January 2014.
•    In January 2014, MultiChoice Kenya launches loyalty programme