Dancers during the Diwali celebrations at Mombasa Sports Club

The festive season has officially begun and DStv jumped right in the middle of the celebrations by sponsoring the Festival of Lights (Diwali) celebrations at Mombasa Sports Club.

Those in attendance owned the night as they celebrated the rich Indian culture in the best way they knew how:

1. Fashion

There’s more to Indian fashion than just sarees as showcased at Diwali. Everyone was in something colourful and beautiful to look at, from the guests to the performers on stage. Aishwarya Rai had some serious competition here!


2. Food

There is a saying: You are not a real foodie until you’ve sampled some Indian cuisine.  Okay, I made it up but can you really blame me. I swear by my buttered naan and chicken curry which were in plenty at Diwali, plus chicken tikka, chutney, sweets (not the normal ones you buy at 1 bob) and a whole lot of dishes that I’m not even going to try and pronounce.

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3. Fireworks

Diwali is not just called the Festival of Lights for nothing. The amateurs (mostly overexcited children) were getting on everybody’s nerves with their premature fireworks explosions but once the experts got involved, the sky was beautifully lit. Literally.

You know who else is an expert at stirring up fireworks in the streets? Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan. This Indian legend graces your screens once again in the Hindi thriller Te3n where he’s determined to get justice for his granddaughter Angela who was kidnapped and murdered eight years ago.

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4. Song and dance

Indians are known for their colourful song and dance and DStv Diwali was no different. Even the men tried their best but the dancers who really brought their A game were the women and children.



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