The Woman in Black

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1. The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death

Horror and supernatural are scary enough genres as stand-alones. Blend these two and all hell breaks loose, a risk that The Woman in Black takes so boldly, turning everybody (including children) into victims of a vengeful ghost draped in black. Against the backdrop of World War II, the Woman in Black is on the loose in London and she won’t stop until everybody pays. As is said, "She never forgives. She never forgets. She never left."  It can’t get more ominous than that. Prepare to be haunted because this has nothing to do with Will Smith’s delightful Men in Black.

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2. The Lazarus Effect

From playing the bad girl in the surf hit The OC to Jason Bateman’s love interest in the comedy-drama The Longest Week, Olivia Wilde's history in the horror genre is non-existent. That is until there was The Lazarus Effect, a lab experiment that spins out of control, turning this screen sweetheart into a full-blown hell on earth. There is just no escaping her wrath, she doesn't even need a motive to kill.

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3. The Remaining

Hollywood has had a field day with the apocalyptic genre for years, The Remaining is no different. And just like I am a Legend, this movie explores life for those who remain on Earth after its "destruction". But unlike the latter, The Remaining stretches the apocalyptic genre to the final days of man on Earth, a paranormal – horror film, all rolled into one. What would life be like after the rapture? This horror flick tests the waters with a biblical adaptation of Revelation where winged demons are out to get everyone left behind. Their faith is tested, their resilience pushed to the limit.

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