Into The Woods

We show you how BoxOffice can transform your life with the best blockbuster movies.

Right at the comfort of your couch, DStv BoxOffice offers you the best blockbuster movies that will enrich and gratify your life in more ways than you could possibly imagine. Note that these movies are updated weekly so there is always a new movie to look out for as long as you have either Premium or Compact subscription.

Have a look at how BoxOffice can transform your life:

1. It’s therapeutic

BoxOffice is therapeutic as it offers movies that will make you feel good about yourself or lift up your spirits when you aren't having a great day. A movie like Liam Neeson's Taken 3 is sure to get you in a good mood as he punches and outguns the bad guys. Rent it now on BoxOffice.

2. It’s entertaining

Life can be so boring sometimes and heaven knows we need some real entertainment in our lives. What better way to do that than to rent the magic-filled Disney's Into the Woods, studded with fairy tale characters like Cinderella, Rapunzel and the Little Red Riding Hood.

3. It’s inspiring

Movies are inspiring, especially when they tackle uplifting stories about people going through tough times that they finally manage to rise through. Get inspired by watching two people reunite after years and fall in love in The Best of Me, a rom-com that is now available for rent in BoxOffice.

4. It’s informative

Movies enlighten us about social issues and those based on true-life stories inform us about things that happened in the past. Get the facts with Kill the Messenger, a movie based on the true story of journalist Gary Webb and his battle with CIA. This movie is available to rent on BoxOffice from Monday, 25 May.

Check out BoxOffice today - for Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania - and get more out of life by renting these Hollywood blockbusters and many more movies on your DStv Explora. Can life get any better than this?