Football unmatched on SuperSport

Guests interacted with all the cool features of the DStv Explora as the football season kicked off during the weekend.

The Explorer Tavern was the place to be this Saturday as the football season kicked off with a bang on SuperSport, courtesy of the DStv Explora. The guests had an opportunity to interact with all the cool features of the DStv Explora like the PVR, Extra View and HD quality.

It was an unmatched football experience as they were also treated to a live BPL opening match between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur, complete with expert pre-match analysis and studio wraps. But that's not all, they also got a chance to watch another live match between Chelsea and Swansea, even winning awesome goodies while at it.

But let’s not kill all the excitement with too many words, why don’t you check out the pictures below and see how it all went down.






With the season just starting, you can't miss all the thrilling matches lined up for you on SuperSport - Live and in HD.

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