Explora football at Explora tavern poster

As the thrilling football unmatched kicks off on SuperSport, DStv is bringing the Explora right to you.

Football season is here! EPL, UEFA games, La Liga, Europa, FA Cup, Copa Del Ray, Capital One Cup are all coming to you starting this August. Get the most of your DStv Explora this football season. With the Explora, you can watch one game and record another, pause a live game, rewind that awesome goal and watch it again and again, even in slow motion, all in HD picture and Dolby surround sound on SuperSport.

As the thrilling football unmatched kicks off on SuperSport this weekend, DStv is bringing you the DStv Explora. This Saturday, 8 August, from 13:00, the Explorer Bar in Lavington will host the DStv Explora decoder and give you an unmatched football experience.

During the activation, you will get the opportunity to watch four live games, pre match analysis and studio wraps on SS5 HD courtesy of DStv Explora. You can also experience and interact with the amazing features of the DStv Explora like the PVR, Extra View and HD quality.

The Explora will be on sale on the day and we are offering free installation and accessories for any purchase of the decoder. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to save loads of cash. You will also stand a chance to win lots of goodies for predicting the right scores of the BPL kick-off match between Manchester United & Tottenham Hotspur at 16:45 and Chelsea and Swansea at 19.00 (CAT).

Come explore the DStv Explora at Explorer Bar. You don’t have to be a DStv subscriber to attend. Come experience entertainment at its best with the DStv Explora!