The DStv Explora with a remote

DStv announces 60% price cut on DStv Explora decoder ahead of New Football Season

Leading video entertainment company MultiChoice Kenya has announced a 60% price drop on its leading high definition PVR decoder - the DStv Explora from Sh30 650 to Sh12 500.

The new price is inclusive of the decoder, cabling and installation costs and comes ahead of the 2016 Rio Olympics and New Football Season set to commence mid-August.

“I am happy to announce that the DStv Explora, the most advanced decoder in the Kenyan market is now available at a more affordable price.

The DStv Explora decoder delivers the best television experience in full HD with features such a PVR functions, Video on Demand services and video rental capabilities. The DStv Explora forms part of the continent’s leading technological innovations in an era of digital TV and offers an unmatched viewing experience,” said Stephen Isaboke, Regional Director, MultiChoice East Africa.

The DStv Explora offers more viewing control and a customised viewing experience with a pause, play and rewind feature available for live TV. The PVR functionality of the decoder allows viewers to record shows from the existing programme line up and later access them via a play list stored on a 2TB hard drive within the decoder allowing viewers up to 220 hours of personal recorded content. The PVR function also allows a viewer to view one programme while recoding another.

Video on demand remains a key feature of the Explora through its DStv Catch Up service which allows for series stacking meaning that viewers will always be able to catch-up on their favourite TV series even when away from home during the airing time. DStv Catch Up also includes movies on demand, sports, documentaries and kiddie content. It also offers select series within hours of the US broadcast Express from the US before they are broadcast on any other channel or made available on DVD.

The decoder further allows viewers to connect their box to the internet to enjoy additional shows not stored on the DStv Explora decoder through the DStv Catch Up Plus service. Viewers are able to access more sports, kiddie content, series and movies stored on the cloud and stream them through their DStv Explora.

The DStv BoxOffice allows viewers access to rent some of the latest blockbuster movies at a small fee for 48 hours and watch them straight off the DStv Explora decoder.

“The DStv Explora has an ultra-modern and stylish HD user interface and an ability to meet the most unique viewer needs in the fast changing world, the DStv Explora is an unparalleled technological innovation that provides convenience to meet TV viewing needs as dictated by busy and demanding lives,” added Isaboke.

Additionally, the DStv Explora has powerful search features that help subscribers find programmes quicker and easier as it searches across an eight-day TV Guide. DStv Explora’s remote control further enhances the experience with dedicated shortcut buttons to DStv Central, DStv Catch Up, Playlist, Search, Live TV and other viewing options.

The DStv Explora is available at MultiChoice Service Centres at T-Mall, Greenspan mall and all leading retail and dealer outlets countrywide. Or for ease, you can order it online at DStv Soko.