Host Amina Abdi at DStv Justice League pre-screening

On the bright side, Justice League is better than the movie that set the stage for it, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. That said, a lesson to DC Comics: if you are going to release a movie whose soul purpose is to rival Avengers, you better flaunt your best weapon, muscles like Batman and Superman alone don’t cut it. Thank you Gal Gadot and Flash.

Superhero politics aside, DStv treated their subscribers to an exclusive pre-screening of Justice League on Wednesday 15 November at the Century Cinemax in Nairobi ahead of the worldwide premiere. The turnout was great as movie buffs and superhero fans assembled to see the five-superhero team of Batman, Superman, Wonderman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg face off against the villain Steppenwolf.

The event that was emceed by radio personality and host Amina Abdi and Big Ted also saw several subscribers with two months DStv subscription.

Check out the gallery below to get a taste and feel of the Justice League pre-screening: