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Keep your DStv Explora on

The DStv Explora offers mind-blowing entertainment with its DStv Catch Up and BoxOffice platforms that serve an almost limitless supply of series and movies. But if you want to experience more from the DStv Explora, we advise you to always leave it powered on, even through the night, to allow all these spectacular titles to download.

DStv Catch Up and BoxOffice titles mostly load at night and we want you to have something fresh to watch every day.

Imagine if your friends were discussing how much they enjoyed Chocolate City on BoxOffice while it is not available on your DStv Explora. Or if they were hyped about the hot new releases on DStv Catch Up like The Book of Negroes and you are totally clueless.

To make sure you don't miss out on anything, keep your DStv Explora on and enjoy the abundant entertainment DStv Catch Up and BoxOffice have to offer.

To get you started on all the new titles this week, get your DStv Explora today.