SuperSport Golf presenter Richard Maspero

SuperSport golf presenter Richard Maspero explains the rules of the game.

As Kenyans, we love our sports. It’s the only thing that draws us away from our first love - politics. We make fun of each other's teams even if they are on top of the league. But you’ll never find us talking about golf. And if we do, it’s never that serious. No one takes sides. No one seeks a podium. No one bets on it.

As far as Kenyans are concerned, golf is a technical sport. For instance, why must every score have a negative to it like -9 or -6? And what’s that about maintaining total silence when a golfer tees off? What happened to cheering and heckling as is expected in every other sport? Then there is the golf lingo that could make up an entire English Oxford Dictionary.

These are some of the few questions that were answered by Richard Maspero, golf presenter at SuperSport who was in the country to report on the Kenya Open Golf Tournament. An avid golfer himself, Richard simplifies the complexities of the game with the sincerity of someone expecting to convert a nation, perhaps nudge it to treat golf the same way it does other sports - with undivided passion.



According to Richard's assessment over the years, Kenyan golfers are picking up on the pace of international golf and are more than ready to compete in more tournaments.