Kenya Sevens player Collins Injera

CNN adds its accolades for Kenya Sevens with an interview with Collins Injera on CNN World Rugby

Kenya Sevens star Collins Injera will be in the international limelight beamed by CNN World Rugby, a programme on CNN (401), this Tuesday 26 April at 19:30 EAT.

Injera, who scored two of Kenya's six tries to shock Fiji 30-7 in the final of the Singapore Rugby Sevens last Sunday, will feature on CNN World Rugby in an interview which will also include a gym workout session between him and the programme host Christina Macfarlane while in Hong Kong at the jewel in the rugby sevens crown.

As Kenya Sevens vice captain, Collins explains how he inspired his team to their maiden Sevens victory by scoring two tries at the Singapore Sevens.

In his workout session with CNN, he reveals his longstanding dream to become the top try scorer in the world; how he and the Kenyan Sevens team train to match their moves on the field; and how the now-infamous moment came about when he signed on a camera lens with a permanent marker after scoring his 200th try, recreating the moment for CNN World Rugby.

CNN World Rugby in April also features a tour of Hong Kong with reigning champions Fiji, plus Sonny Bill and Niall Williams setting against each other in a family quiz.

Here are some of the highlights of the interview with Collins Injera:

How important is it to become Rugby Sevens' record try scorer?

It is my dream. When I started playing this game, I remember telling a reporter that I want to be the top try scorer in the world and they said it was a huge task - it is a huge task. I was told that Santiago Gomez Cora had already set the mark at 230 but I just know that I will be able to realise the dream.

Did you plan the infamous moment when you signed the £60 000 camera lens with a permanent marker?

Originally, I had worn a white vest that was written "First in Africa", but then played the first three games on day one without scoring - I remember the boys mocking me in the changing room. I think it was the vest that hindered my scoring so I decided to take it off. Going into the second day of the tournament, I decided that I’d sign the ball that I scored the try with. So when I scored the try, I signed the ball and then when I looked up I saw the camera was there in front of me, with a lens there, I went for it.

What would you say has been the defining moment in your career?

It must be when I scored the 200th try at Twickenham last year. It just goes to show how far I’ve come as a player and also how far we’ve come as a team. I remember scoring that try, it was quite emotional.”

CNN World Rugby interview with Injera airs on Tuesday 26 April at 19:30 EAT on CNN (401).