What are your stars up to this festive season

It's jingle bells everywhere and the festive spirit is officially in the air.

The holidays are here and we have the dish on what our stars are up to this holiday season. They serve up some good music and we know a thing or two about good music. Make sure you check out the DMX holiday music to set the mood cheery and right.



Holiday plans: Promoting his new single Doer with Cece Sagini and continuing with his charity work.

Holiday tradition: Hanging with his wife and children.

Favourite food: Ugali and fish that he makes himself (slurp!)  


Cece Sagini

Holiday plans: Keeping #CeceOnaMission going.

Holiday tradition: Time to start new ones. She is not sure if she is home with her folks or with her new fiancé, photographer Victor Peace, or if it will be a combination of all the families.

Favourite food: Githeri! Not the usual fan fave but she loves it.



Holiday plans: Promoting her new album Phylosophy

Holiday tradition: Chilling with the family

Favourite food: Meat! Glorious Meat!


Amos and Josh


Holiday plans: Promoting their latest music video Zingua

Holiday tradition: Spending time with family and eating 

These celebrities sure have good wholesome family time planned and good food is definitely involved. Get some ideas for your festive meals on the DStv Foodies page to enjoy amazing recipies too. 

They all had a special message for you. Check it out.