Guests at the BoxOffice movie night of The Interview at PAWA254

We invited guests to experience the DStv Explora and one of its cool features, BoxOffice.

Last week, we invited a few guests to spend some time with James Franco and Seth Rogan at Pawa 254 in Nairobi and they loved it! We rented the movie The Interview from the available BoxOffice titles on the DStv Explora so that our guests could hang out with the Hollywood duo in comfort.



Popcorn, hot dogs and sodas were flowing at the Pawa 254 theatre where the dolby surround sound provided a perfect scenario to test the other features of the DStv Explora such as pause and rewind live TV,  Catch Up and BoxOffice, whose titles are all in HD.



No doubt our guests will be trying this in the comfort of their homes, especially since when you rent a movie it stays in your DStv Explora for 48 hours. In case you miss a scene you can rewind it, or if a joke cracks you up you can pause and compose yourself before continuing with your viewing.



With about 20 titles available to rent at any time, you could make a fun weekend out of it. What more could you ask for? Snuggle up with the kids this weekend to watch Home starring Rihanna and #BoxOfficeTakeout and you might in two large pizzas to enjoy with the movie. 



Get your very own DStv Explora today to enjoy the very best of BoxOffice without ever leaving the couch. Just fill in the from below to start your journey to entertainment on your own terms. 


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