Bollywood Anupam Kher

Bollywood actor Anupam Kher set to give a film masterclass in Kenya

This July, Anupam Kher - the world-renowned Indian actor who has nurtured and created big names in the global entertainment industry - is coming to Kenya!

The internationally acclaimed Bollywood actor - celebrated for having starred in 500 films to date - featured in David O Russell’s 2013 Oscar-winning Silver Linings Playbook and has won the Filmfare Award for Best Performance in a Comic Role five times, among other accolades.

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A thorough acting training hosted by Actor Prepares (India’s renowned film school) will start on 8 July for a period of one week. There will be two set of workshops, a weekend program and a weekday program comprising of a 10-hour training. Additional to that there will be a masterclass conducted by Anupam Kher. Hosted by Ranee Productions in support of the Kenya Film Commission and Kenya Actors Guild, Anupam Kher will also give a masterclass for students enrolled in the program. This will also be the inception of Actor Prepares India – franchise in Kenya.

CEO of the Kenya Film Commission Lizzie Chongoti says: “As part of developing a profitable and sustainable local film industry, we at KFC have continued to support capacity building initiatives in collaboration with our parent ministry, stakeholders and academic institutions; we are very pleased to partner with Ranee Productions in executing these masterclasses.”